Hello all - now that it is August, it is now time to discuss what to do next, and review the timeline from a while back.

Now, as other things have sprung up in my schedule other than contributing to the wiki, I've been on a considerably prolonged break recently, focusing on other matters outside of the wiki. And, evidently, it seems many of us have been short on contributions lately as well. It's perfectly fine to take a hiatus for as long as you would like, though - whether it be work, school, or spending time with friends and family, it's acceptable to fulfill whatever events are present at the time - and since it's during the time of the holiday months, a lot of those events probably take place for many people.

The wiki doesn't have to be rushed - taking time is key in constructing a good encyclopedia, after all. So, the timeline may be extended for as long as it takes for everything to be in order around here. Personally, though, I think the checkpoints for June-July have been taken care of pretty well - I'll have to double-check if all of the important articles have sufficient information.

Meanwhile, I've finalized the Manual of Style, which can be found on the front page. I'll also be around working on miscellaneous things around the wiki; after finishing dealing with a couple occurrences on my part, I'm definitely ready to get back into the flow of things. All contributors are also encouraged to ask questions to a certified admin or bureaucrat - we could really use your help.

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