Hey all, with the development of the wiki coming into full swing, I have come up with an idea to incorporate a goal system, where we, the community, set a “due date” of sorts in which we complete the tasks to be done around the wiki on or before a certain date – this is to keep progress going and to encourage active development and contribution, rather than slowed periods and/or stagnant progress toward the building (or, as you could say, “rebuilding”) of the Unreal Wiki. Here is an early draft in the works, which will be subject to many changes in the upcoming future – especially based on how efficient the contributions come along.

  • Mid-late June 2017 – All templates are finished and infoboxes + navigation boxes are included on most, if not all articles.
  • July 2017 – Information across primary articles (series games, weapons, main characters, monsters, gametypes) is filled in and up-to-date with adequate information.
  • August-September 2017 – Information across less-critical articles such as individual maps, pickups, minor characters, etc. is completed and walkthroughs are written.
  • October 2017 – Extra images, videos, and content to enhance the experience of a wiki reader should be sought as the essential rebuilding of the Unreal Wiki concludes.
  • November 2017–future – The wiki will continue to be improved as pages are reviewed and, hopefully, new contributors make additions. When Unreal Tournament 4 is released, more content can be added relating to the game also.

Anyway, let me know what you think, guys. I’d like to hear if you’d think this is a bit too generous of a timeline -- maybe it would take a little while longer. And I’d like to know if all of our staff members would be willing to work together; after all, that’s what is essentially required for the wiki to achieve all of these plans that I have proposed. So, basically, the only way for these future goals to happen would be for all of us to co-ordinate and work together as one.

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