The Unreal Wiki has come a long way since its beginning 10 years ago today, September 4, 2007.

What started out as a small database for information about the first Unreal game, has grown to become a massive wiki dedicated to the whole series. We wouldn't have gotten to be this big without each and every one of our wiki's editors. Take a look at the statistics: We have 12,000 edits, nearly 1,000 articles, and 1,100 images.

Let's take a look at the brief history of the Unreal Wiki:

In September 2007, the wiki is founded by MEOWMEPDellkat. Progress is slow for the first couple of months, but eventually, work starts to pick up.

In 2008, basic information about Unreal is added to the wiki; it is still in its early stages at this point.

2009 marked a large turning point in the history of the wiki. GearsOfWar becomes the new head user of the Unreal Wiki, along with admins ATP2555 and UnrealRyu. The wiki is built from the ground up and hundreds of new pages are created.

From 2010–2011, work begins on the focus of other games in the series, such as the Unreal Tournament and Championship series. The wiki has grown to a decent amount of size now. Sclera1 also becomes an admin around this time and provided a lot of well-written information for many of the articles.

In 2012, many walkthroughs were written for the majority of the levels in Unreal, as well as map strategies for the levels in the Unreal Tournament campaign. 2012 was significant in the way that many new images were uploaded to the wiki; hundreds of images were added to article pages during this time period.

From 2013–2015, contributions were slow, but things went along smoothly for the most part. Nearly all of the original administration team has moved on or have become inactive at this time.

Things start to pick up speed greatly in 2016. Ampager becomes an administrator of the wiki, and the website undergoes a large-scale redesign, with vastly improved themes, backgrounds, and a new homepage.

Now, let's go forward to 2017–present. Two new users are introduced to the Unreal Wiki administration team: Metalkong1 and PumpkinKnight. The new admins improve upon the site very greatly with all sorts of new images, guides, walkthroughs, game strategies, and much more. This period of time plays a very significant role in the wiki's development.

And here we are now. For me personally, as a six-year member of this community, seeing all of the changes happen and how much this wiki has improved has really amazed me. Let's wish a happy 10th anniversary to the Unreal Wiki, and here's to many more years.

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