As you may have noticed, Wikia has given us new tools a long time ago. Among these tools there're the Portable infoboxes. They work the same as regular infoboxes, but have the advantage that they can be displayed in both PC and Mobile devices with no problems. So we have started adapting the almost 800 pages we have in the wiki, while giving the new pages the adequate coding. You can take a look at these templates at the Templates project page.

Most of these templates are self-explanatory (and their explanations are short), but there are some things which need some extra explanation.

First of all, multigame templates. These templates are meant to be used with characters, items, and the like, spanning through many games. The way they work (at least by now) is that they list the games, and you place an 1 where the character/item/etc appeared. This automatically categorizes the article (though there is still a long way to go until everything is properly categorized).

Then, the tables. They are a good way of showing up organized info in an easy-to-read way. They are composed of a Header, a set of Rows, and a Footer, and are meant to be used in such a way that they can be later properly tuned without screwing with the code of each page.

And finally, the Navigation box, or Navbox, for short. At least until the Portable Navboxes are added by Wikia, we have a two-field Navbox for notices and warnings, and an intent of Map navboxes which isn't adequated at all, hopefully once DPL is enabled we can generate these automaticallly without having tons of templates. You can use them, however, and once the Portable Navboxes are ready to go, we can replace them without having to rewrite every page.

If you have any doubt, don't hesitate to ask me, Amp or MK1.

See you in the battlefield!

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