Greetings! As discussed here, we are starting with the full and definitive organization of the Unreal Wiki in order to make it the greatest Unreal Wiki that has ever existed. Specifically, we're going to spend June finishing and implementing every template, infobox and navbox we need. Currently we have a list of already implemented templates in this page, separated by infoboxes, navboxes and other useful templates.

The problem is that we cannot implement yet the DPL navboxes because they require that every page is categorized in the proper way, and this is only possible with the infoboxes. Right now, the navboxes are just placeholder link lists holding the pages we're supposed to have/create. Now, I get that not every page is really needed. For example, the only characters worth listening in the Tournament games are those who appear on more than one game or have some significance to the universe, such as Malcolm or the Prisoner 849 or John Dalton. But on other navigations (such as the maps) we need all of those pages created and properly categorized so the navbox can display the required information.

This is where you enter. The layout guidelines have a structure each page is supposed to follow, but the problem is that not every page exists, is adequately structurated or formatted, and some of those which do aren't properly categorized. Not to mention many other tasks which are required to be done. So we need your help.

If you have any questions to do, please go to the forum, or contact me, Amp or MK1. We will be very glad to help you. :)

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