As explained in the past entry, we were making a decision about whether or not the Unreal Wiki should support third-party mods. Of course, not every third-party mod deserves a page in this wiki, so it was going to be restricted only to the official content. And for "official content" we mean "mods that have been released as part of release bundles" such as Unreal Tournament: Game of the Year Edition or Unreal Tournament 2004: Editor's Choice Edition. And if pages are allowed, to which extent should they be allowed: if one page per mod, or dedicated pages to every feature of the mod (weapons, gametypes, items...).

The final decision, among admins, and other users of the Wiki, is that not only this third-party content will be allowed, but pages dedicated to this specific content will also have a place on this Wiki. These pages will be marked with a new notice so people can get that the content of that specific page is third-party.

Therefore, as Chaos UT and Rocket Arena: UT have their own pages, it was time to create individual pages for the mods that have been released with UT2004, these mods are Air Buccaneers, Alien Swarm, Chaos UT2, Clone Bandits, Deathball, Domain 2049, Frag.Ops, Jailbreak (a personal favorite ever since the UT99 version), Red Orchestra, Rocketeer and UnWheel. So if you want to complete pages for these mods, you're welcome to do so!

And that's it for now! See you later in the arena! And don't forget to join us on our Discord channel.

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