Hello and welcome to UnrealTalk news, my name is PumpkinKnight Davis.

Today is a great day for the Wiki, as we have surpassed nothing more and nothing else than the 1000th. page created! Let's celebrate! YAY!!!

That doesn't mean, however, that every page has the necessary info. We still have a lot of stubs and work to do! As I've promised, here's the "general" resume. Hopefully I can do a better report in the upcoming days. The percentage is based on amount of stubs over pages in the category. And be also aware that a) we still have plenty of pages not created yet and b) the stubs don't discriminate by amount of info, so there are pages devoid of wikification or information in the same category as pages which only need an image or section filled to stop being stubs!

  • Characters: 49/52 (5.77% completed)
  • Creators: 9/16 (43.75% completed)
  • Creatures: 46/68 (32.35% completed)
  • Events: 1/6 (83.33% completed)
  • Factions: 21/38 (44.74% completed)
  • Games: 2/10 (80% completed)
  • Gametypes: 13/30 (56.67% completed)
  • Items: 18/29 (37.93% completed)
  • Maps: 511/561 (8.91% completed)
  • Mutators: 12/20 (40% completed)
  • Settings: 21/23 (8.70% completed)
  • Vehicles: 15/24 (37.50% completed)
  • Walkthroughs: 4/12 (66.67% completed)
  • Weapons: 24/52 (53.85% completed)

As you can see, we still have a lot to do. Which is why we need your help! If you want to contribute, be sure to read this as well as this.

In the next days, as time allows me to do so, I'll continue the report about the state of the wiki. In the meantime, see ya, and we'll see each other in the arena!

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