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The Utility Gun is a weapon from the Chaos UT mod which comes in Unreal Tournament: Game of the Year Edition. The weapon is obtained by installing the last update for the mod.

Overview Edit

"The ChaosUT Utility Gun is basically 3 guns in one. When fully loaded, you will be able to freeze your enemies, set them on fire, as well as blow them around the map with blasts of air.

Primary Fire:
The primary fire will be Ice Pellets, or FireBalls, depending on what you have loaded. And if you have neither, then your primary fire will be the Air Blast. The ammo counter mounted on top of the gun will change color to indicate which ammo type is ready to fire. Blue is Ice, Red is Fire, and Green for Air Only.

Alternate Fire:
When you have fire or ice loaded for primary fire, the Alternate fire for this weapon will still be short, powerful blasts of air. This can be used strategically, or simply to have fun bouncing people off the walls for a few minutes.

To rotate between ammo types, simply continue pressing the Utility Gun’s select key.
Default key is the “5”

Ammo Types:

Air Only: When holding an Air Only version of the Utility Gun, there will be no fuel cells loaded into the bottom of the gun, and you can only fire blasts of air. The blasts are quite powerful, however, due to the nature of the gun’s design, you need to stand back several feet from your target to be effective.

Fire: Set your enemies ablaze! These fuel cells are red in color, and there will be one of these pre-loaded each time you pick up the Utility Gun. The cell pickups have enough juice for 24 fireballs. When players are on fire, their screen will be filled with flame effects, and their health will slowly drain. After a few seconds however, the flames will go out on their own. Naturally, if there is water available to jump in, you can put the fire out yourself.

Ice: Freeze ammo comes in 20 shot cells, and are blue in color. Use this fuel type on them, and they’ll be temporarily frozen in a layer of ice. During this time the player who’s frozen will see a bluish screen, and they will barely be able to move. Be careful though, because only direct hits will freeze a player, and they stay frozen for just a couple seconds. So use that time wisely!"
Chaotic Dreams

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