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"Civilian contractors are often used to reliably transport supplies and equipment over short distances on Taryd, but when this cargo ship full of Axon supplies ran aground in Izanagi territory, a military unit was quickly dispatched to defend the area until a full extraction team could be assembled."
- Map description

VCTF-Stranded (whose full name is Stranded) is a map appearing in Unreal Tournament 3.

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(*) Rows marked in red are required for the "Like the back of my hand" achievement.

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"vCTF-Stranded introduces the Eradicator Cannon, a fixed-position artillery piece, similar in operation to the Self-Propelled Mobile Artillery (SPMA) vehicle, except with longer range, more power, more artillery rounds per shell, and greater defence, being that they are positioned in the heart of a team's base. Addressing Stranded, Polge said, "One of the nice things about doing map packs is that in a way you have more time to give attention, from a play-testing point of view, to individual maps. A map like Stranded, which I really like playing CTF on... I'm always ‘asymmetric maps are cool, but they usually break down,' because one side ends up dominant. Once people figure it out, there's just one side that's just... but you know, I think vCTF-Stranded stood the test of time for us, and we played it a lot, and we were able to make it work. Whichever side you were on you had people complaining that the other side was too strong.""
- PlanetUnreal[1]

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  1. UT3 Titan Pack - Hands-on Coverage @ PlanetUnreal

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