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"Replace all vehicles in map with a particular type."
Mutator description

Vehicle Arena is a mutator available for UT2004.

Overview Edit

It allows all vehicles in a map to be replaced to one type. The mutator, like other arenas of UT's past, is mod-friendly, and allows for 3rd party vehicles to be used instead of the stocks. By default, only 5 vehicles can be used; TC-1200 can be unlocked by completing campiagn as Mr. Crow, and the Leviathan, Ion Plasma Tank, Bulldog, and Phoenix Bomber are all unusable without hacking the mutator files.


  • On some maps, some vehicles are unusable due to size or location. This is a more common problem on community maps.
  • Bots may only use the stock areas for some vehicles. This is especially true for Raptors and Cicadas.

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