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Vehicle Capture the Flag (VCTF) is a gametype introduced in Unreal Tournament 2004.

Overview Edit

Like Capture the Flag, the main goal in VCTF is to steal the flag from your enemy and protect your own. Additionally, however, vehicles are available for the players.

In general, a flag carrier may enter a vehicle, however there are some restrictions. If a flag carrier enters a Manta, Raptor or Cicada the flag is automatically dropped. However there is a way to get around this restriction: a player can stand on top of a Manta while another player is driving it. This is a so called Manta run.

Unreal Tournament 3 Edit

Unreal Tournament 3 shipped with 6 maps for VCTF. Players are provided with a Hoverboard upon spawning. Players are not able to enter any other vehicles if they are carrying the flag, but it is possible to use the Hoverboard and grapple onto a vehicle. Manta runs are now impossible, since players bounce off the Manta.

A good strategy in UT3 is to get a friend to let you "grapple" on to their vehicle when you have the flag. Be careful, however, when using the Hoverboard: if you get shot just once, you will fall over and drop the flag.

Map lists Edit

Unreal Tournament 3 Edit

Vehicle CTF maps for Unreal Tournament 3
VCTF-ContainmentVCTF-Containment SPVCTF-CorruptionVCTF-KargoVCTF-NecropolisVCTF-RailsVCTF-SandstormVCTF-StrandedVCTF-SuspenseVCTF-Suspense Necris

Trivia Edit

  • The Vehicle Capture the Flag gametype exists in Unreal Tournament 2004, but no maps are included for it. In order to play it, you must download user-created maps for VCTF or install the patch 3355[1], and then the option for the gametype will become available.
  • The Translocator isn't available in either the 2004 or 3 version of the gametype.
  • Despite all of these obstacles, the gametype became quite popular and had many maps, although the quality of many is disputed.

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