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Here we're going to list the shared voicepacks for the characters in Unreal Championship 2: The Liandri Conflict, as most of the default playable roster have their own voice.[1]

Credits Edit

Male Juggernauts Edit

Shared by Arclite, Gorge and Jackhammer.

Juggernaut: "And stay down!"
Juggernaut: "Respect!"
Juggernaut: "Me smash!"
Juggernaut: "Juggernaut!"
Juggernaut: "Yeah, bitch!"
Juggernaut: "Unreal!"
Juggernaut: "Take it!"
Juggernaut: "Who wants some?"
Juggernaut: "Who's next?"
Juggernaut: "ROARR!"
Juggernaut: "You want more beating?"
Juggernaut: "Unstoppable!"
Juggernaut: "I'm on fire!"
Juggernaut: "Rockets go boom!"
Juggernaut: "Burn, baby!"

Juggernaut: "No, no, no!"
Juggernaut: "Holy shit!"
Juggernaut: "Medic!"
Juggernaut: "Ow!"
Juggernaut: "ROARR!"
Juggernaut: "Ouch!"
Juggernaut: "I'm hit!"
Juggernaut: "I can't feel my legs!"
Juggernaut: "Now I'm mad!"
Juggernaut: "Lucky shot."
Juggernaut: "You're begging for an ass-pounding!"
Juggernaut: "Impossible!"
Juggernaut: "No way!"
Juggernaut: "Garbage."
Juggernaut: "Uh oh!"
Juggernaut: "Boo-boo."

Juggernaut: "Crush you!"
Juggernaut: "I'll crush your head!"
Juggernaut: "Smash smash smash!"
Juggernaut: "Where are you?"
Juggernaut: "Come back!"
Juggernaut: "You're too fast."
Juggernaut: "Come on, give us a squeeze!"

Juggernaut (Friendly fire, receiver): "Stop it."
Juggernaut (Friendly fire, receiver): "Cut it out."
Juggernaut (Friendly fire, giver): "Out of my way!"
Juggernaut (Arrived to defense): "Our base is boring!"
Juggernaut (Has the flag): "My flag."
Juggernaut (Has the flag): "I have flag."
Juggernaut (Spotted enemy flag carrier): "Hey, that's our flag!"
Juggernaut (Spotted enemy flag carrier): "Get flag back!"
Juggernaut (Base under attack): "More stuff to kill in base!"
Juggernaut (Base under attack): "Get out of our base!"
Juggernaut (Under enemy fire): "Bring it on!"
Juggernaut (Order: attack): "Cap enemy flag"
Juggernaut (Order: defend): "Defend our flag"
Juggernaut (Order: cover): "Cover me"
Juggernaut (Order: hold position): "Hold here"
Juggernaut (Order: freelance): "Freelance"
Juggernaut (Order acknowledgement: attack): "They're all dead."
Juggernaut (Order acknowledgement: defend): "Send 'em my way."
Juggernaut (Order acknowledgement: cover): "Let's rock."
Juggernaut (Order acknowledgement: hold position): "Let's do it."
Juggernaut (Order acknowledgement: freelance): "You got it."
Juggernaut (Covering): "Out of our way!"

Male Liandri Edit

Shared by Corrosion, Raptor and Syzygy.

Liandri Robot: "Increment frag count"
Liandri Robot: "The time for flesh has ended."
Liandri Robot: "Survival of the fittest."
Liandri Robot: "So this is evolution in action?"
Liandri Robot: "You are teh suck!"
Liandri Robot: "Unreal!"
Liandri Robot: "Take it!"
Liandri Robot: "Who wants some?"
Liandri Robot: "Another flawed design."
Liandri Robot: "I am unstoppable!"
Liandri Robot: "Llama."
Liandri Robot: "Your programming is inferior."
Liandri Robot: "Witness my perfection."
Liandri Robot: "Rogue process terminated."
Liandri Robot: "Cleaner burning, more efficient."

Liandri Robot: "Increment death count."
Liandri Robot: "Unit needs repair."
Liandri Robot: "b Spammer equals true."
Liandri Robot: "Blame the coders."
Liandri Robot: "Logging crash dump."
Liandri Robot: "Unacceptable."
Liandri Robot: "Collateral damage."
Liandri Robot: "Undesireable losses."
Liandri Robot: "System failure."
Liandri Robot: "Re-routing critical systems."
Liandri Robot: "End of line."
Liandri Robot: "I see the blue screen."
Liandri Robot: "Scoping error."
Liandri Robot: "Invalid page fault."
Liandri Robot: "Syntax error."

Liandri Robot: "Begin search routine."
Liandri Robot: "Tactical assessment complete."
Liandri Robot: "Liandri brings you tomorrow, today!"
Liandri Robot: "I am the alpha and omega."
Liandri Robot: "I was programmed this way."
Liandri Robot: "Pathfinding."

Liandri Robot (Friendly fire, receiver): "RTFM."
Liandri Robot (Friendly fire, receiver): "Same team."
Liandri Robot (Friendly fire, giver): "First law violation."
Liandri Robot (Arrived to defense): "Base defenses online."
Liandri Robot (Has the flag): "Flag in possession."
Liandri Robot (Has the flag): "I have the flag."
Liandri Robot (Spotted enemy flag carrier): "Flag carrier spotted."
Liandri Robot (Spotted enemy flag carrier): "Flag carrier under observation."
Liandri Robot (Base under attack): "Base under attack, request assistance."
Liandri Robot (Base under attack): "Base is under heavy attack."
Liandri Robot (Under enemy fire): "Odds of survival, diminishing."
Liandri Robot (Order: attack): "Cap enemy flag"
Liandri Robot (Order: defense): "Defend our flag"
Liandri Robot (Order: cover): "Cover me"
Liandri Robot (Order: hold position): "Hold here"
Liandri Robot (Order: freelance): "Freelance"
Liandri Robot (Order acknowledgement: attack): "Eliminating opposition."
Liandri Robot (Order acknowledgement: defense): "Scanning."
Liandri Robot (Order acknowledgement: cover): "Acknowledged."
Liandri Robot (Order acknowledgement: hold position): "Executing."
Liandri Robot (Order acknowledgement: freelance): "Processing."
Liandri Robot (Covering): "In formation."

Female Nakhti Edit

Shared by Memphis, Mirage, Nepthys and Ra.

Nakhti female: "And stay down!"
Nakhti female: "Feel the pain!"
Nakhti female: "Perfection in action."
Nakhti female: "Beaten by a girl."
Nakhti female: "Unreal!"
Nakhti female: "Take it!"
Nakhti female: "Who wants some?"
Nakhti female: "Next!"
Nakhti female: "Distracted by my beauty?"
Nakhti female: "How sad."
Nakhti female: "Useless."
Nakhti female: "Llama."
Nakhti female: "I'm just that good."

Nakhti female: "Impressive."
Nakhti female: "Surprising."
Nakhti female: "Embarassing."
Nakhti female: "Nice."
Nakhti female: "That means nothing."
Nakhti female: "Unacceptable."
Nakhti female: "Is that your best?"
Nakhti female: "Ludicrious."
Nakhti female: "No one beats me!"
Nakhti female: "Lucky shot."
Nakhti female: "Naughty, naughty!"
Nakhti female: "Impossible!"
Nakhti female: "I'll remember that."
Nakhti female: "How unfortunate."
Nakhti female: "Shameful."

Nakhti female: "You will serve me well in the afterlife."
Nakhti female: "You cannot hide."
Nakhti female: "Running won't help -- I'm faster."
Nakhti female: "You will praise my skill."

Nakhti female (Friendly fire, receiver): "Same team, idiot."
Nakhti female (Friendly fire, receiver): "Why are you on my team?"
Nakhti female (Friendly fire, giver): "You're in my line of fire."
Nakhti female (Arrived to defense): "My base is safe, for now."
Nakhti female (Has the flag): "The flag is mine!"
Nakhti female (Has the flag): "I have the flag."
Nakhti female (Spotted enemy flag carrier): "Flag carrier spotted."
Nakhti female (Spotted enemy flag carrier): "I see the flag carrier."
Nakhti female (Base under attack): "Why should I defend the base alone?"
Nakhti female (Base under attack): "My base is under attack."
Nakhti female (Under enemy fire): "Must I do everything alone?"
Nakhti female (Order: attack): "Cap enemy flag"
Nakhti female (Order: defend): "Defend our flag"
Nakhti female (Order: cover): "Cover me"
Nakhti female (Order: hold position): "Hold here"
Nakhti female (Order: freelance): "Freelance"
Nakhti female (Order acknowledgement: attack): "Pressing the attack."
Nakhti female (Order acknowledgement: defend): "Fine."
Nakhti female (Order acknowledgement: cover): "Acknowledged."
Nakhti female (Order acknowledgement: hold position): "If I must."
Nakhti female (Order acknowledgement: freelance): "Fine."
Nakhti female (Covering): "How long must I follow you?"

Skaarj Edit

Shared by Garek, Korig, Kraag and Torgr. Szalor uses it as well, but for the Ascension Rites he gets his own lines.

Skaarj: "For the queen!"
Skaarj: "Slaughtered."
Skaarj: "Survival of the fittest."
Skaarj: "You fought well."
Skaarj: "You are just the first to die."
Skaarj: "Unreal!"
Skaarj: "Useless."
Skaarj: "Punished."
Skaarj: "Pure skill."
Skaarj: "You make easy prey."
Skaarj: "You die too easily."
Skaarj: "You fight like Nali!"
Skaarj: "Witness my perfection."
Skaarj: "You are weak like Nali."
Skaarj: "I am a wolf among sheep."

Skaarj: "Impressive."
Skaarj: "Surprising."
Skaarj: "Embarassing."
Skaarj: "Nice."
Skaarj: "Regrettable."
Skaarj: "Unacceptable."
Skaarj: "Is that your best?"
Skaarj: "Substandard."
Skaarj: "Revenge will be swift."
Skaarj: "Effective, for a savage."
Skaarj: "Impossible!"
Skaarj: "You adapt well."
Skaarj: "I failed you, my queen!"
Skaarj: "You have no honor."
Skaarj: "Hiss."

Skaarj: "All inferior races must die."
Skaarj: "All races are inferior."
Skaarj: "There is no escape."
Skaarj: "The armada will come again."
Skaarj: "Meet your executioner."
Skaarj: "You cannot evade me."

Skaarj (Friendly fire, receiver): "Attack the enemy."
Skaarj (Friendly fire, receiver): "Fight with honor."
Skaarj (Friendly fire, giver): "I am disgraced."
Skaarj (Arrived to defense): "Base secured."
Skaarj (Has the flag): "I've got the flag"
Skaarj (Has the flag): "I have the flag."
Skaarj (Spotted enemy flag carrier): "Recover our flag"
Skaarj (Spotted enemy flag carrier): "Enemy flag carrier is here."
Skaarj (Base under attack): "Defend the base!"
Skaarj (Base under attack): "Defend at all costs."
Skaarj (Under enemy fire): "I will die alone."
Skaarj (Order: attack): "Cap enemy flag"
Skaarj (Order: defend): "Defend our flag"
Skaarj (Order: cover): "Cover me"
Skaarj (Order: hold position): "Hold here"
Skaarj (Order: freelance): "Freelance"
Skaarj (Order acknowledgement: attack): "Press the attack."
Skaarj (Order acknowledgement: defend): "If I must."
Skaarj (Order acknowledgement: cover): "The glory is mine."
Skaarj (Order acknowledgement: hold position): "For the queen."
Skaarj (Order acknowledgement: freelance): "By my blades."
Skaarj (Covering): "We die together."

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