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The subject of this article appeared in Unreal Tournament.

Volatile Weapon is a mutator found in Unreal Tournament.


The mutator makes a player discharge all ammunition from their equipped weapon when fatally wounded, randomly scattering projectiles around their corpse with the weapon's primary fire all at once.

Bullets, and lasers from the Shock Rifle will travel unhindered, while other projectiles will hit the player corpse first.

If a Chainsaw, Translocator or Impact Hammer is equipped, no discharge occurs.

Tips and tricks[]

  • The explosive properties of the Rocket Launcher and the Bio Rifle makes a good opportunity for a close-range suicide attack.
  • The projectiles from the Pulse Gun and the Ripper tend to be absorbed by the player's corpse, bringing little value to the mutator.


Developer's Notes[]

"When you frag someone, the weapon they are carring explodes. (in a similar fashion to that of Volatile Weapon)"
Digital Extremes[1]


External links and references[]

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