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"Many research vessels were lost in the early days of Na Pali exploration. When the terrain or local fauna proved to be too dangerous for recovery, equipment was often abandoned and forgotten. But when it was learned that the Necris had moved in to recover this equipment for their own purposes, the NEG dispatched military salvage units to reclaim their property."
Map description

WAR-Hostile (whose full name is Hostile) is a map appearing in Unreal Tournament 3 . It comes with the UT3 Titan Pack.

Map description Edit

An unbalanced Terran vs. Necris map taking place at Na Pali, complete with Unreal sounds, the only map in the game which doesn't take place in either Taryd, Omicron 6 or the outer space. The Blue base is located at an N.E.G. camp at the east of the map, while the Red side is a Necris camp located at the east, among some ruins. There's a Prime Node located at the east side of the bridge, near the Blue base, and an Uplink node located near the Red base, at the west of such bridge.

The key battle points are, of course, the Prime and Uplink nodes. The Prime Node allows the Red team to attack the Blue Power Core normally, while the Blue team must also capture the Uplink node. This comes with a perk, though: after capturing it, a countdown starts, and if it reaches zero, the Red Power Core is overloaded and destroyed. This is the only way the Red Power Core can be destroyed... and the most frequent, since the Blue team also has at its disposal a full vehicle selection while the Red team is given some basic Necris vehicles (and the Darkwalker) plus Stinger Turrets, unbalancing the map in favor of the Blue team.

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  • [Regular]: The Red Power Core and Blue Power Core are connected to the Prime Node. In addition, if the Blue team owns the Prime Node, an additional node is unlocked, called Uplink Node, which allows the Blue team to instantly destroy the Red Power Core.

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(*) Rows marked in red are required for the "Like the back of my hand" achievement.

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"WAR-Hostile gives one team a full-selection of vehicles, and the other fast access to Nodes and several Stinger Turrets, the new base defence weapon that rapidly spews damaging energy capable of knocking down enemy infantry. If the vehicle team gains control of the central Prime Node, a secondary Countdown Node opens, control of which will instantly destroy the infantry team's Core. If the infantry team is able to hold the Core for 60 seconds the tables are turned, and the vehicle team's Core instantly becomes vulnerable."

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