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"These underground tunnels were discovered when Izanagi assessment teams first started their geological survey of Taryd, and they were used to house munitions and supplies for the first wave of colonists. As the surface cities expanded, the caverns were forgotten until large sink holes started to form, destroying large portions of the city above."
Map description

WAR-Sinkhole (whose full name is Sinkhole) is a map appearing in Unreal Tournament 3 .

Map description Edit

Link Setups Edit

  • [link setup 1]:
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Weapons and pickups Edit

Weapons Edit

Weapon Count Location

Weapon Lockers Edit

Pickups Edit

Pickup Count Location

(*) Rows marked in red are required for the "Like the back of my hand" achievement.

Vehicles Edit

Vehicle Count Location
2x each base, in the room between the Core and the Node.
1x each base, in the room between the Core and the Node.

Walkthrough Edit

ACT II: With Caesar's Coin Edit

"Axon scouts were discovered sneaking through the tunnels, and we've traced their movements to a central base of operations. Orders are simple: Destroy the base and seal the tunnels for good."

The mission begins with a small tutorial about the basics of Warfare. And by basics, we mean the core Onslaught rules, as the match has no orbs or hoverboards. Then you join the match proper.

Jester: "Simple layout. Take the node at the middle, blow their core, home in time for dinner."
Othello: "What is for dinner, anyway?"
Jester: "Wild guess here... more noodles?"

You actually outnumber the enemy on this mission. The orders are indeed simple. Whenever Jester gets done talking about her anus, go take the prime node in the center of the map.

Jester: "Sinkhole? More like "Stinkhole"."
Othello: "Ohhhhhhh... pleeeeeaseeeee..."
Reaper: "Ah, jeez... Stay focused, Jester."

If the enemy has the prime node, you'll need to destroy it. The safest way to do this is to climb up to the catwalk in your base and crouch. You should be able to get a clear line of fire on the node from quite a ways away, effectively safe from retribution.

Reaper: "We're Vulnerable! Take that node, NOW!"

Once the node falls, keep it down until your allies start to construct one, then move in and heal it with the Link Gun, stopping to grab the shield if you like.

Jester: "Let's link together to heal the Node!"

Once you have a friendly node established, it's all about maintaining the node, so just continually repair the node. If you run out of link ammo and you think it's safe to do so, you can do a suicide mission into the enemy core (stealing their shield\berserk powerup on the way) and respawn in time to help protect your prime node. The Manta can help for defending the prime node, allowing you to head the enemy off at their base entrance and simply run them over. It also does a lot of damage to the prime node if the enemy tries to construct one.

Bishop: "Now is the time to strike!"

Just keep doing suicide missions into the enemy core to whittle away at it, or stay back and protect the node. - As long as you know how to stop the enemy from constructing one of their own, they won't have many opportunities to damage your core.

Amusingly, you can stand idly on the Prime Node and the enemy will prioritize attacking the Node. When the node is destroyed, a new one will immediately begin construction (since you're standing on it) and the bots will immediately attack the new node instead of you. They'll even sit a few feet away from you in a Manta blasting away at the Node, oblivious to the futility of their existence. You can use this to destroy them with impunity. (Almost.)

The UDamage & Berserk powerups on either side of the base exits will allow you to quickly destroy\repair a node.[1]

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  • The map had the working name of ONS-DownUnder.

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  1. Unreal Tournament III – FAQ/Walkthrough by OmniaVanitas @ GameFAQs

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