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"This area serves as the demilitarized buffer zone between the Axon and Izanagi Corporations. Because the bridges along this narrow strip of land are the only roads that connect the two territories, the isthmus is considered a key military objective that must be controlled."
- Map description

WAR-TankCrossing (whose full name is Tank Crossing) is a map appearing in Unreal Tournament 3 .

Map description Edit

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Weapons and pickups Edit

Weapons Edit

Weapon Count Location

Weapon Lockers Edit

Pickups Edit

Pickup Count Location
3 at each building near the Bridge node.
4x (2-2) near a lift guiding to the Sniper Rifle in each base. 4x (2-2) at the right of each tank road. 2x at each base, near the Bridge node.
In each base, above the tank's spawning room.

(*) Rows marked in red are required for the "Like the back of my hand" achievement.

Vehicles Edit

Vehicle Count Location
Besides each base.
One in each base.
In the center of the base, right above of each Goliath.

Walkthrough Edit

"We need to blow the Axon core but - surprise - it's protected by blast doors. We can lower the doors if we can steal a heavy tank and drive it onto the pressure pad. Good news is there's a tank factory in the vicinity. Bad news? We need to get it across a drawbridge powered by the node underneath it. So Job One: Get the tank. Job Two: Hold the drawbridge and get the tank across. Job Three: Protect the tank while we take out the core. Job Four? Watch the fireworks."

This is one of the missions they tried to make more reminiscent of Assault. There is only one Node here but rather than simply expose the core, it also lowers a bridge that allows your tank to cross the chasm into the enemy base. Once inside, you have to drive the tank onto a pressure pad to expose the core. Plow your turret into their core and blast it point-blank a few times to destroy it. This was a pretty easy mission even on Insane.

Jester: "Come on guys, this is easy. Take the Bridge node, drive the tank across the bridge, Core goes boom!"
Othello: "If it's so easy, we'll go back to base..."

Jester is on Orb duty. It's either that or let them drive the tank. That doesn't mean you can sit up topside in your tank waiting for your bots to do all the work. Near the bridge is a short staircase, and if you look down over the ledge you can see the bridge node. This is a good opportunity to interfere with the enemy. Once Jester arrives with the Orb, the bridge will lower and you can jump directly into your tank.

Othello: "Look at that tank! It's HUGE!"
Jester: "Little cozy, but room for two."
Reaper: "We can have a party in there. Just drive it across the bridge first."

Drive it across the bridge and down the left path. It's fairly linear. You'll reach a dead-end with a metal rectangle on the ground. Park on the rectangle and the core will open right in front of you. Blast it.

There is a fence to your right and the enemy bots will annoyingly stare at you and throw things through the bars. If you have a bot in the tank with you, they can help gun down the hecklers, but otherwise you'll have to do it yourself. I'm not sure whether it's faster to switch and kill them with machine gun or to rotate the turret and make them swallow a mortar, but either way they have to die since there is a chance they would destroy your tank with their mischief if left to their own devices.[1]

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  • The map had the working name of WAR-DMZ, possibly for "DeMilitarized Zone".

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  1. Unreal Tournament III – FAQ/Walkthrough by OmniaVanitas @ GameFAQs

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