The X-Ray Field is a deployable item found in Unreal Tournament 3.

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The X-Ray Field comes with the Titan Pack. It can be dropped by the Axon StealthBender and is also available as pickup on some maps like DM-EdenInc.

The X-Ray Field is similar to the Stasis Field in that it slows down players inside and consumes more of its power supply while touching players or objectives. However, the X-Ray Field only affects players themselves, no vehicles or projectiles. The players are not only slowed down, but also damaged. Even inside a vehicle players will take damage, while the vehicle stays intact.

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"More interesting is the X-Ray Field - a crackling black and white area-of-effect deployable. If you enter it, you'll appear to everyone as a skeleton, which lets them know you're dramatically more prone to damage. Dropped in a choke point, they can make an ambush much more effective."
- Eurogamer[1]

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