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XMP-Lowlands (whose full name is Lowlands) is a map appearing in Unreal II: The Awakening .

Map description Edit

A map taking place in an alien world reminiscent of Sanctuary's Swamps area and Acheron. Trees with spikes abound, and the map features a water ocean at the east, naturally swimming in these waters is not recommended, as it doesn't play well with the different classes' suit.

Each base has a two-road entrances (Red/Blue Entrance), a big courtyard (Red/Blue Courtyard) between the entrance and the Artifact Node building (Red/Blue Artifact Node), and a mountain behind the latter room (Behind Red/Blue Base). The Courtyard itself has vehicle deploys (Blue/Red Raptor/Juggernaut Deploy) and two sniper towers (Blue/Red Sniper Tower A/B). Atop of the Artifact Node building is a hard-to-reach Ion Turret (Blue Cannon Turret/Red Defense Cannon). At the west and east side of the Artifact Node building there are towers which control the Winged Turrets on them (Blue/Red Turret Tower A/B). The empty courtyard at the west and east of each base are lateral approachs (Blue/Red Side Approach).

The middle of the map (No Man's Land) contains two key areas, housing, as you expect, two energy sources. The Landlocked Generator building at the west, and the Seaside Generator at the east. Meters away from the latter there's the Thornpatch Deploy. Midway between the Blue Base and the Seaside generator, along the coast, there's the Fungus Hill Deploy. Midway between the Red Base and the Landlocked Generator there's a Secluded Spine Deploy.

Features Edit

Pickup Count Location
2x Blue Base, near the Artifact Node room, one per side. 2x Red Base, near the Artifact Node room, one per side.
2x Blue Base, one near each sniper turret. 2x Red Base, one near each sniper turret.
2x Blue Base, one near each Raptor/Juggernaut Deploy. 2x Red Base, one near each Raptor/Juggernaut Deploy.
1x Blue Base, Juggernaut Garage. 1x Red Base, Juggernaut Garage.
1x Blue Base, Raptor Garage. 1x Red Base, Raptor Garage.
1x Red Base, on top of the Artifact Node building. 1x Blue Base, on top of the Artifact Node building.
4x No Man's Land.
1x Blue Turret Tower A. 1x Blue Turret Tower B. 1x Red Turret Tower A. 1x Red Turret Tower B.
1x Blue Raptor Deploy. 1x Blue Juggernaut Deploy. 1x Red Raptor Deploy. 1x Red Juggernaut Deploy. 1x Landlocked Generator area, atop of the building. 1x Thornpatch Deploy area. 1x Fungus Hill Deploy area. 1x Secluded Spine Deploy area.
1x Landlocked Generator area, inside of the building. 1x Seaside Generator area, at the very back.

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  • The Seaside Generator has a different look from other Generators, and it's bound to cause confusion.

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