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The subject of this article appeared in Unreal Tournament. The subject of this article appeared in Unreal Tournament 2004.

Xan Kriegor is a Villain character in the Unreal series.


Grand General Xan Kriegor is a Cybernetic being and champion of multiple Tournaments.

Xan may have been created in a robot factory on the asteroid LBX-7683 in the Erican Cluster, where he functioned as a mining robot built by the Liandri Mining Corporation.

In 2283 Xan led the LBX-7683 Robot Uprising in which several robots turned against the humans on the asteroid, prompting Liandri to send in a tactical squad to quell the rebellion. Xan was captured and resisted several memory wipes but was eventually reprogrammed.

Liandri later entered Xan into the underground Tournaments, which later grew into the legally-sanctioned Liandri Grand Tournament. Xan became the the leader of The Corrupt, a Liandri-sponsored team. Xan won at least two Tournaments during this time. Many people believed at this time that Xan was in fact Jerl Liandri, the founder of the Liandri Corporation, wearing power armor, presumably due to the lack of general knowledge of the LBX-7683 incident by the general public.

Xan was finally beaten in 2293 by Malcolm (Unreal Tournament). Liandri recalled Xan and upgraded him to Xan Mark II, and attempted to gain back the champion spot from Malcolm. This bid proved unsuccessful, and Liandri recalled him again for a complete rebuilding, during which he didn't participate for a number of years. This includes 2302, the year of Unreal Tournament 2003.

In 2303 (Unreal Tournament 2004) Liandri finally re-entered Xan after upgrading him to Xan Mark 3. Although he still failed to become champion, he may become a finalist, depending on how the player plays the game.

It is implied in Unreal Championship 2: The Liandri Conflict, in Devastation's ladder (which is somehow canonical with the events of the game) that she was postulated by the Liandri as her successor.

A number of maps in the games are described to be property of Xan Kriegor. These maps are AS-Rook (UT), DM-HyperBlast (UT), DM-HyperBlast2 (UT2004) and DM-Tempest (UT).


  • Multiple years before 2291, in illegitimate tournaments (2283, 2284, 2285, 2286, 2287, 2288, 2289, 2290).
  • 2291
  • 2292


Unreal Tournament[]

Xan's Unreal Tournament character card

Name: Xan
Race: Robot
Classification: Tournament Champion

Combat Style: MeterFloat-(+1,00).png 0.50
Loves to jump? Yes

"Origin and identity is unknown. Various rumors exist as to who or what Xan is. The most popular rumor being that he is the man who heads up Liandri Corporation and has poured his vast wealth into building the most advanced battle suit ever, solely for maintaining champion status in the Tournament."
The subject of this article appeared in Unreal Tournament.

Xan's Unreal Tournament character card

Name: Xan
Race: Robot

"Xan is the reigning Tournament Champion, and has never lost a match."
The subject of this article appeared in Unreal Tournament.

In UT, his exact origins are unknown, as his character bio says, and some speculate he is either a robot or the CEO of Liandri in a suit. Either way, he is merciless, and has his own armor picture and taunts, only shared with Xan II.

Xan Mark II[]

Xan's Unreal Tournament character card
1717669-xanii super.jpg

Name: Xan
Race: Robot

"After his defeat in the Tournament, Xan has been rebuilt from the ground up. He's stronger, faster, and a hell of a lot meaner looking."
The subject of this article appeared in Unreal Tournament.

Xan II, also in UT, is only accessible by installing Bonus Pack 4, and has very large amounts of visible circuitry. This version of Xan, as seen above, appears as a boss in the console versions.

Unreal Tournament 2004[]

Xan's Unreal Tournament 2004 character card

Name: Xan
Race: Robot
Classification: Cybernetic
Age: Unknown yrs.

Accuracy: Meter-good-100.png 97
Agility: Meter-good-100.png 97
Aggresiveness: Meter-good-68,75.png 63
Team tactics: Meter-good-81,25.png 76
Average: 83.25

"Former Tournament champion Xan Kriegor is an almost mythical figure. His return from several years of isolation has been greeted with great trepidation by other Tournament competitors."
The subject of this article appeared in Unreal Tournament 2004.

UT2004, Xan's last appearance, had Xan as one of the 3 unlockable characters, and shared the same body style as Axon.

Xan Kriegor is the team leader for the Godlike tier team The Corrupt, and one of the possible final bosses depending on how his team fares in the Single-player game, the other possible bosses being Malcolm and ClanLord.

Physical appearance[]




Xan is the only character on Unreal Tournament that has his own voicepack. In Unreal Tournament 2004 he shares the Male Robot voicepack with both the male Liandri and the Automaton robots.

Unreal Tournament[]

Frag quotes[]

Xan: "Bow down!"
Xan: "Die, human!"
Xan: "Target lifeform eliminated."
Xan: "You die too easily."
Xan: "Useless."
Xan: "Fear me."
Xan: "You are inferior."
Xan: "You are obsolete."
Xan: "I am the alpha and the omega."
Xan: "Run, human."
Xan: "Step aside."
Xan: "I am superior."
Xan: "Witness my perfection."
Xan: "Boom!"
Xan: "My house."
Xan: "Next."
Xan: "Burn, baby!"
Xan: "Anyone else want some?"
Xan: "That had to hurt."
Xan: "I'm on fire!"

Other quotes[]

Xan (acknowledgement): "Got it"
Xan (acknowledgement): "Roger"
Xan (acknowledgement): "On my way"
Xan (friendly fire): "I'm on your team!"
Xan (friendly fire): "Same team!"
Xan (order: attack - CTF): "Take their flag."
Xan (order: attack - DOM): "Search and destroy."
Xan (order: attack - other): "Assault the base."
Xan (order: defend): "Defend the base."
Xan (order: cover): "Cover me."
Xan (order: hold position): "Hold this position."
Xan (order: freelance): "Engage according to operational parameters."
Xan: "The base is uncovered!"
Xan: "Somebody get our flag back!"
Xan: "I've got the flag."
Xan: "I've got your back."
Xan: "I'm hit!"
Xan: "Man down!"
Xan: "I'm under heavy attack!"
Xan: "You got point."
Xan: "I've got our flag."
Xan: "I'm in position."
Xan: "Hang in there."
Xan: "Control point is secure."
Xan: "Enemy flag carrier is here."
Xan: "I need some backup."
Xan: "Incoming!"
Xan: "I've got your back."
Xan: "Objective destroyed."


  • Strangely enough, Xan is regarded as entirely robotic in UT2004 onwards; but fragging Xan in the first UT generates partially bloodied gibs.
  • A fan speculation was that the Xan-MKIII is an entirely different character, or that he was the rogue robot that caused the infamous robot revolt. Another one says that Xan Kriegor is still awaiting his comeback, or that he has retired from fighting. This speculation is probably created on the grounds that the mysterious nature of Xan was revealed in UT2004 in a rather dull manner.
  • Xan was meant to appear as a legless character in Unreal Championship 2: The Liandri Conflict, however the dev team couldn't figure out how to make him playable in this way, so he was cut.


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